Work for Vias Institute!

For the Bob campaign, an awareness campaign to warn young and old about the dangers of alcohol behind the wheel, we worked together with Vias Institute to realize this video.

The video introduces 3 friends leaving for home after soccer practice. With Bob behind the wheel, the friends drive through town to the song “It’s my life” by Dr. Alban. The lyrics were not only sung along by Bob but also by passersby on the drive home.

Even the dog happily sings along 😉


Direction: Hans Buyse & Jochen Decostere

Camera: Gerdy Vandermeersch

Post-production: Jorrit Eggermont

In the media

The video did not go unnoticed in the Flemish news media either. On the talk show “De Tafel van Vier,” the topic of “alcohol behind the wheel” was discussed. After showing the video, Interior Minister Annelies Verlinden explained more about the intent of the campaign.


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