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About two years ago, the CEPA communications service contacted us for the first time after seeing our very successful web series ‘Vuile Klap’. They wanted us to develop an awareness campaign within this storytelling style.

Our approach

We talked to dockers, learned their jargon and wrote 4 scripts about safety, drugs, social media use and diversity. Thanks to covid 19 we were able to convince the home-sitting top actors Peter Vandenbegin and Stefaan Degand to join us in this adventure with our ‘Vuile Klap’ reference. After a long wait, we were finally able to launch the campaign on May 21, and with success!


Agency: Leitmotiv

Script: Emiel Van Wouwe
Director: Hans Buyse
Camera: Victor Vandevenne en Louis Devogele
Sound and edit: Jaak Segers


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