The Disko Drunkards is a collaboration of The Glimmers (a.ka. Mo & Benoelie), Tim Vanhamel (Millionaire), Stephane Misseghers (drummer dEUS), Ben Brunin (Vive la fête), Francois De Meyer (Soapstarter).

“Who you gonna call” gets every wallflower on the floor with fun, crazy, groovy drums, spacey funky and very well thought disco. A two day shoot in our green key studio and several weeks of post production in After Effects gave us the following result.

KooKoo is almost ten years old but for a lot of Ghent citizens indispensable. Apart from that, the music video is based on all the images we received from a Facebook call asking people to come together at the ‘Charlatan’ at 7am during the Ghent Festivities and to film their friends, while the song was played several times at the ‘Vlasmarkt’. This idea was copied by a lot of other very famous bands. Guess who?


Creative:Hans Buyse (who you gonna call with Peter Lissens)
Director: Hans Buyse
Agency: Universal Records


What is your Leitmotiv?

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