For their 2nd single of their new album ‘Crème’, Belgian Band Ertebrekers (heart breakers) asked us again to realise a music video on the song ‘Paranoia’. Flip Kowlier proposed to cooperate with director Katrien Vanderlinden for this one.


For the recordings we turned our own studio into an old school karaoke bar. As there are not so many Japanese teenage girls in Ghent, we shaved Flip, Peter en Jeffrey and turned them into our own Japanese girls Floortje Kowlier, Petra Lesage and Jeanine Bearelle.

We would like to thank our interns Maya Stoffijn, Emma Depaepe & Jaak Segers for the production and art direction, Karen De Wolf for the lovely styling and Fien Quagebeur for the make-up. And not to forget our studiomaster and manager of Filmgear Stijn Blancke, who also was the DOP for this one, next to Steije Hillewaert, who also did the extra visual effects after Otis Weewauters took care of the editing.

What a lovely team!


Director: Hans Buyse
DOP: Stijn Blancke
Art Direction: Karen De Wolf

Production: Maya Stoffijn, Emma Depaepe & Jaak Segers

Makeup: Fien Quagebeur
Post-production: Otis Weewauters & Steije Hillewaert
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