For the first single of their new album ‘Crème’, Belgian Band Ertebrekers (heart breakers) asked us to realise a music video on the song ‘Paranoia’.


To convey the feeling of Paranoia in the video, we thought about a suitable film style.

The moment Flip Kowlier asked us, we were looking at the possibilities of the Go Pro Fusion. We came up with the idea to combine this camera with a snorricam so that the camera stays at a fixed distance from our character without being able to see the monopod that is anchored to the body.

With light modesty we may call this an invention … Ladies and gentlemen: The Fusion Snorricam.

Because of the very short deadline and the heavy 360 ° files we asked the very talented Maarten Van Vooren to assist Chess Bonte in editing and visual effects.


Creative: Hans Buyse
Director: Hans Buyse
Camera: Chess Bonte
Art Direction: Karen De Wolf
Post-production: Chess Bonte & Maarten Van Vooren
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