Behind the scenes

After the shoot, post-production faced a challenging task since almost every shot was filmed with a blue screen. The blue backgrounds had to be removed, new backgrounds created, and everything needed to be meticulously composited to achieve this final result. Watch here to see how the post-production process for this video came together.

SUAVEEE! Skip the DRAMA when traveling to or from the airport with Flibco.


Humor in commercials, hurray! Fewer and fewer brands dare to invest in humorous commercials. We are convinced that it is one of the few ways to capture the attention of an oversaturated audience. In collaboration with the agency At-thetable, we enthusiastically embarked on this campaign. Here, we aimed to depict two airport scenes in an open and humorous manner, utilizing ultra slow motion.

our approach

After reviewing the scripts with Director Jochen Decostere, we started this production. We had to find a suitable location. This proved challenging due to the tight deadline. We opted to use the empty parking lot of Makro in conjunction with a blue screen background. All that remained was assembling a talented cast, gathering the right props, forming a strong team, and making two kick-ass shoot days happen!


Client: Flibco

: At-thetable

Producer: Hans Buyse

DOP: Bert Degraeve

Phantom Operator: Simon Moirot

Post-production: Jorrit Eggermont

Assistent camera: Jaak Segers

Gaffer: Bart van Driel

Styling: Jan Dendievel

Make up artist: Steven Versées

Production/Post-production intern
: Vanessa Verreet

Production/Post-production intern: Kasper Bequé

Photographer: Jan Matthys

Creative Director: Ad Van Ongeval

Art Director: Girbe Bogaerts

Art Director: Yannick De Haes

Account Manager: Pauline Tembuyser



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