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Next, next, next… Finding the ideal Ghent resident who embodies all the character traits of the City of Ghent turned out to be more challenging than expected. 🤔🎥


In anticipation of Film Fest Gent, the city of Ghent aimed to creatively introduce their branding and image to the public. For this purpose, they enlisted the expertise of Domien Huyghe and Wendy Huyghe, who came to us with a compelling idea and scenario.

our approach

We were immediately captivated by the story and worked closely with the City of Ghent, Domien, and Wendy to plan the next steps. After refining the script, casting the characters, searching for the perfect location, and finding the right props, the recording could finally begin. Together with the crew, we headed to the VIERNULVIER arts center. Under the expert direction of Domien Huyghe, the actors gave their best performances. Following a successful shooting day, post-production work began, and the film came together beautifully.


Client: Stad Gent

Screenplay & direction: Domien Huyghe, Wendy Huyghe & Hans Buyse

DOP: Kristian Dekker & Jaak Segers

Sound-engineer: Pieter Desmet

Post-production: Jorrit Eggermont

Makeup artist: Louiza Vande Woestyne

Viernulvier: Maarten Dings & Kim Aernoudt

Cast: Robrecht Vanden Thoren, Silke Thorrez, Mehdi Attia, Gloria Boateng, Tourad Kane, Dirk Buyse, Staf De Neve, Sirkenan Van Lierde, Griet Dobbelaere, Aïsha Lebbe, Thomas Vanelslander en de vele figuranten van de Stad Gent

Locatie: Vooruit met dank aan Kunstencentrum VIERNULVIER


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