Liantis – Motivational Mugs


The creatives at Lucy Agency asked us to collaborate on an awareness campaign for Liantis that deals with the mental well-being of corporate executives.

our approach

We got started by co-writing the script with Lucy’s creatives. With DOP Jochen Decostere we went to the Liantis offices and started shooting. Under the direction of Hans Buyse, actor Günther Lesage took on the role of a manager who has reached his limits and can no longer cope with the workload.


Brand: Liantis

Agency: Lucy

Creatives: Ruben De Praetere en Yves Van Hacht

Account manager: Sofie Hoorens

Account director: Thomas Vuerinckx

Direction: Hans Buyse & Jochen Decostere

DOP: Jochen Decostere

Post-production: Jorrit Eggermont

Gaffer: Jaak Segers

Art department: Louise Marlein

Behind the scenes

A birthday party at the office, fun right? In this behind the scenes video, you can see Günther Lesage along with Liantis staff members shine in front of the camera


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