🎶 I can dance the night away 🎶

We are thrilled to present our latest production: a vibrant and engaging video for The Muda Institute. This project was an incredible opportunity to highlight the school’s dynamic environment and its new location. Our goal was to capture the essence of the school – a place where creativity thrives and students can express themselves through music and dance.

The video was created by a small and flexible team. The music for the video was written and performed by Charline D’hoore, whose talent and dedication brought an inspiring sound to the project.

The release of the first teaser also became the most viewed video on the school’s Instagram account, with over 19,000 views.


Client: Muda

Production: Leitmotiv

Director/DOP: Hans Buyse

Allround assistant: Liesbet Vandenborre

Post-production: Jorrit Eggermont

Music: Charline D’hoore


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