Ghent is a cycling city, and it is well-known for it. Partly because of this, they were chosen to host the international congress Velo-city in 2024. In 2023, the congress took place in Leipzig, and the city of Ghent wanted to introduce itself as a cycling city through a video.


Ghent people really do everything by bike.’ With this basic idea, the city of Ghent came to us and asked if we could make a humorous video where Ghent cyclists could be described in an Attenborough style.

Our approach

Such a video starts with a good script, and fortunately, we were able to use the writing talent of Stijn Van der Stock, who wrote a great script. Then we went looking for our own David Attenborough, a role that was fantastically performed by Stijn Van Kerckhove. After a week full of shooting, cycling, and working with amazing extras, we arrived at this result.


Direction: Hans Buyse

Camera: Hans Buyse

Camera-assistant: Jorrit Eggermont en Maxime Vanrenterghem

Post-production: Jorrit Eggermont en Maxime Vanrenterghem

Script: Stijn Van der Stockt


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